Franklin Hills, Los Angeles: The Heart of a Community

When most people think of Los Angeles, images of palm trees, Hollywood stars, and the beach come to mind. However, tucked away in the eastern part of the city is a hidden gem, the Franklin Hills in LA.

franklin hills in los angeles

This charming and tight-knit neighborhood is full of character and has a unique personality all its own. If you’re considering moving to the area and want to know more, you need to know a few things before deciding.

Location of the neighborhood

The Franklin Hills is located in the heart of Los Feliz, adjacent to Silver Lake. The neighborhood is bounded by Franklin Avenue to the north, Los Feliz Boulevard to the south, the 5 Freeway to the west, and the 2 Freeway to the east. This location gives residents easy access to all parts of Los Angeles and makes it a great place for commuting to work.

The Franklin Hills in LA community

The Franklin Hills is known for its tight-knit community. The neighborhood has an active neighborhood association that hosts events such as block parties, movie nights at the local park, and community cleanups. With its hilly terrain and narrow streets, the area has a unique personality that attracts residents who value the charm and character that the neighborhood offers.

What to do in the neighborhood

The Franklin Hills is full of hidden treasures. One of the most popular spots is the Shakespeare Bridge, which spans across Franklin Avenue and offers stunning views of the city. Residents also enjoy hiking in nearby Griffith Park or taking a stroll around the Silver Lake reservoir. For dining options, the neighborhood has a variety of restaurants, ranging from casual eateries like Fred 62 to upscale spots like Little Dom’s.

Interesting Facts

The Franklin Hills has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century when the area was known for its orchards. The neighborhood was also once home to German filmmaker Fritz Lang, whose home is now a famous landmark in the area. In recent years, the neighborhood has become a popular spot for filming movies and television shows, including the classic film “Rebel Without a Cause.”

franklin hills LA

Common questions about the neighbrhood

What is the housing market like in the Franklin Hills in Los Angeles? 

The housing market in Franklin Hills is quite diverse and vibrant, reflecting the eclectic character of the neighborhood. It features a mix of charming, beautifully preserved older homes, many from the 1920s and 1930s, alongside modern, architecturally innovative properties. Housing prices tend to be above the city’s average due to the neighborhood’s popularity, unique charm, and convenient location. Whether you’re looking for a quaint bungalow, a mid-century gem, or a sleek, new construction, there’s something for everyone in the Franklin Hills. Like in most of Los Angeles, competition can be high, so prospective buyers should be prepared to act quickly when they find their dream home.

What are some good schools near the neighborhood? 

Franklin Hills is served by the Los Angeles Unified School District and is home to several highly-rated public and private schools. Franklin Avenue Elementary School is a popular choice for families within the area, known for its academic rigor and community involvement. The neighborhood is also near to Thomas Starr King Middle School, a well-regarded middle school noted for its magnet program in arts and technology. For high school, many students attend John Marshall High School, famous for its beautiful architecture and strong academic programs. For parents seeking private education, Lycee International de Los Angeles is a bilingual French-American school located nearby, offering an international baccalaureate program from preschool to twelfth grade. These educational institutions provide residents with a variety of quality options for their children’s education.

How expensive is living in the Franklin Hills neighborhood?

Living in the Franklin Hills neighborhood can be considered more expensive compared to the average cost of living in Los Angeles. This is due to factors such as the neighborhood’s proximity to the city center, its unique charm, and the vibrant community lifestyle it offers. Housing tends to be the biggest factor in cost of living differences. Apart from housing, cost components like groceries, utilities, transportation, and healthcare are also comparatively higher. However, residents often argue that the higher cost of living is offset by the benefits of residing in such a distinctive, tightly-knit, and conveniently located community.

franklin hills los angeles


In conclusion, the Franklin Hills is a hidden gem in Los Angeles that offers charm, character, and a tight-knit community. With its convenient location, unique personality, and variety of things to do, it’s no wonder why more and more people are calling the Franklin Hills home. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a lifelong Los Angeles citizen, the Franklin Hills is worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new home.

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