Discover the top 10 haunted hotels in San Francisco!

San Francisco is widely known for its stunning sights, and dynamic cultural scene. However, the city is also home to a host of paranormal hotspots that lure thrill-seekers looking to get a glimpse of the city’s ghostly past.

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If you’re the kind of person who loves a good scare, you need to explore this top 10 haunted hotels in San Francisco.

The Queen Anne Hotel

The first haunted hotels in San Francisco is the Queen Anne hotel. For over a century, this exquisite hotel has stood in the heart of San Francisco. Originally built in 1890 as a girls’ resort, the Queen Anne Hotel transformed into a boarding house, then finally into a destination hotel in 1980. The most frequent ghost sighting here at the hotel is that of a young girl who once attended the boarding school. She is said to haunt room 410, where many visitors have reported seeing her ghostly apparition.

The Westin St. Francis

Next  San Francisco haunted hotels is the Westin St. Francis which Located in Union Square, this establishment has served as accommodation for guests since 1904. Over the years, it has played host to a host of famous personalities, including John F. Kennedy and Sir Winston Churchill. Although it’s known for its luxurious amenities, the hotel has some ghostly tales associated with it. According to legend, a woman who was brutally killed in a car accident at the hotel’s entrance continues to haunt the lobby.

The Argonaut Hotel

The Argonaut Hotel Constructed in 1907, the Argonaut Hotel is a go-to for visitors who want to stay by the waterfront. Although the establishment has undergone renovations over the years, it still retains the classic San Francisco feel. This Hotel is also renowned for its “haunted” Story Room. Legend has it that someone once fell to their death from the hotel’s turret window, and they now haunt the Story Room.

Hotel Whitcomb

Hotel Whitcomb is one of San Francisco’s historic hotels, built in 1910. It’s an iconic landmark situated on Market Street. The hotel’s interior boasts a blend of old-world charm and modern luxurious amenities, making it a must-visit for history and comfort enthusiasts alike. However, it has its ghostly secrets. The hotel is known for its haunted fifth floor, where ghosts of hotel guests have been seen wandering the hallways at night.

haunted hotels in san francisco

The Fairmont San Francisco

Fifth haunted hotel in San Francisco, The Fairmont San Francisco, tucked away in the cosmopolitan district of Nob Hill.

It’s known for its grand entryway, ornate chandeliers, and luxurious accommodations. The hotel’s history includes tales of natural disasters, which caused the deaths of many guests. As a result, the establishment is rumored to be home to many spirits who still haunt the corridors of the hotel.

Hotel Union Square

Steeped in history, Hotel Union Square carries a fascinating blend of the city’s past and modern luxury. Constructed in 1913, this hotel is a testament to the rich cultural and architectural heritage of San Francisco. But what truly sets this establishment apart is the tale of its resident ghost, known as the “Dapper Man”. 

The Dapper Man, often seen donning a 1920s suit, is said to frequent room 207. Guests report strange occurrences, including sudden drops in temperature and unexplained noises, hinting at the spectral presence of this well-dressed entity. If you’re looking for a side of paranormal intrigue with your stay, Hotel Union Square may just be the destination for you.

The San Remo Hotel

The San Remo Hotel is a charming Victorian establishment nestled in the heart of San Francisco. Built-in 1906, this vintage hotel has managed to preserve the elegance and character of an earlier era. The hotel’s intimate and cozy atmosphere is believed to be home to more than just its living guests.

Rumor has it that the spirit of a long-lost woman roams the halls at night, seemingly searching for something or someone. She has been described as being dressed in apparel from the early 20th century, solidifying her presence as a spectral resident. Encounters with her are often accompanied by a sudden chill in the air and an uncanny feeling of being watched.

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The Nob Hill Inn

The Nob Hill Inn is a grand Victorian relic that stands proudly within San Francisco’s historic Nob Hill neighborhood. Built-in 1907, this iconic inn is renowned for its antiquated charm and stunning architecture. However, beneath its lovely facades lies a spectrum of ghostly tales that are sure to send a shiver down your spine.

Legend has it that the property is haunted by several spirits, including that of a young girl, an elderly woman, and a male entity. Guests often report hearing disembodied voices, mysterious footsteps, and even seeing ghostly apparitions. The most haunted rooms are said to be 201 and 303.

In-room 201, guests have reported strange noises, flickering lights, and objects inexplicably moving on their own. In-room 303, it is said that one can see the apparition of the young girl who frequently visits this space, often found playing with the room’s lights and doors.

The Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel, a true gem in the heart of San Francisco, opened its doors in 1875 and is lauded as one of the city’s most luxurious hotels. The grandeur of the hotel’s architecture, coupled with its history, makes it a standout location. But in addition to its opulence, the very walls of the Palace Hotel are rumored to house several specters from its past.

The most famous of these spectral inhabitants is alleged to be none other than President Warren G. Harding, who died under mysterious circumstances in one of the hotel rooms in 1923. Guests and staff alike have reported strange noises and apparitions, particularly on the eighth floor where Harding spent his final days. Unexplained activity includes the sound of hushed whispers, the feeling of unseen presences, and sightings of a ghostly figure believed to be Harding himself.

The Chancellor Hotel

The Chancellor Hotel, one of San Francisco’s last haunted hotels, is rich in history and character. Erected in 1914, the hotel stands as an elegant testament to the city’s vibrant past. However, beyond its extensive history and charming decor, the Chancellor Hotel holds a more spectral secret.

Stories circulate of a ghostly guest who refuses to check out, eternally bound to the hotel. This resident phantom, affectionately named “Ralph” by the staff, is believed to be the spirit of a former bellhop. Ralph, known for his helpful nature in life, seemingly continues his dedication to death. Guests frequently report odd happenings, such as doors mysteriously opening and closing, lights turning on and off, and suitcases being unpacked when no one is around.

The epicenter of these spectral activities appears to be the 14th floor and, more specifically, room 1402. Here, guests have reported the sensation of being watched, sudden unexplained chills, and even glimpsing Ralph’s apparition in the corner of their eyes.

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Conclusion: Haunted Hotels in San Francisco

San Francisco’s haunted hotels offer a glimpse into the city’s mysterious past, making them an ideal choice for anyone searching for a spine-chilling adventure. Visiting these hotels allows you to explore the paranormal history of the city and experience what it would be like to live with spooky spirits. The city is full of surprises, and these hotels are just one of them. So, the next time you visit San Francisco, be sure to book your stay at one of these haunted hotels if you want to experience something out of the ordinary.

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