Journey through Beveridge Ghost Town: Abandoned Awe

From its rugged desert beauty to its rich history, there is no doubt that Death Valley National Park is a treasure trove of fascinating wonders.

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Nestled in the rugged mountains just west of Death Valley National Park, the Beveridge Ghost Town is a must-see for anyone visiting the area. But before going to this amazing location, there are some details you need to know.

Location of the town

The Beveridge Ghost Town is located in the Panamint Mountains, on the western edge of Death Valley National Park, California. This ghost town is a remote location and can only be reached via four-wheel drive or by hiking. The trailhead is located at the Charcoal Kilns, and from there, it’s a 9-mile drive on a rough dirt road to the ghost town.

What is Beveridge Ghost Town?

Beveridge Ghost Town is an abandoned mining town that was established in the early 1900s. The town thrived for decades, and at its peak, it had a population of over 200 residents. The town was home to miners, their families, and other support personnel. The mining activity in the town was centered on lead, zinc, and silver. However, after the Great Depression, the town was slowly abandoned, and by the 1950s, it was completely deserted.

Fascinating details about the Beveridge Ghost Town

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Beveridge Ghost Town is that it has remained nearly untouched over the years. The buildings, equipment, and artifacts have been left untouched for decades, which provides a fascinating glimpse into the past. The town is also notable for its unique architecture, many of which were repurposed from other mining camps. A fascinating spot to note while on the trail is the “White House” that served as a Post Office, general store and lodging house.

Wildlife you can encounter if you visit the town

When exploring the Beveridge Ghost Town, you’ll have the chance to spot various wildlife from the desert such as jackrabbits, lizards, and rattlesnakes. It’s also not uncommon to come across a herd of bighorn sheep, one of the most iconic animals in the area.

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Activities you can do 

When visiting the Beveridge Ghost Town, hiking is the main activity to do. The 9-mile Alan Bible Interpretive Trail, named after a U.S. senator, is the only way to access the ghost town. The trail offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains, as well as a chance to explore fascinating abandoned mines scattered throughout. Visitors are also encouraged to explore the town and its buildings, but please do not enter any structures that appear unstable.

Common questions about the Beveridge Ghost Town

Can I access Beveridge Ghost Town by car?

Accessing Beveridge Ghost Town by car is possible but challenging. The town is located at the end of a 9-mile rough dirt road that is best navigated with a four-wheel-drive vehicle due to the rocky terrain and steep gradients. It’s important to note that conditions can vary depending on the weather and time of year, so always check local reports before setting out. Ensure you have plenty of water, a spare tire, and emergency supplies on hand as the area is remote, and cell coverage can be spotty.

Do I need a permit to visit Beveridge Ghost Town?

Visiting the Beveridge Ghost Town typically doesn’t necessitate a special permit. However, it’s always a good idea to check the official Death Valley National Park website or contact their visitor’s center in advance for the most current information. Remember that while access may be open, it is crucial to respect the historical site and ensure it is preserved for future generations.

What should I consider if I want to bring my pet to the Beveridge Ghost Town?

If you’re considering bringing your pet to Beveridge Ghost Town, there are several key points to remember. Firstly, pets must always be on a leash under 6 feet (1.83 meters) long to protect wildlife, visitors, and your pets themselves. Secondly, while it’s permissible to bring pets on most roads and in campgrounds, they are not allowed on trails or in wilderness areas, which includes the Beveridge Ghost Town trail. Always ensure your pet is comfortable and secure in your vehicle during the challenging drive. Lastly, remember that this desert environment can be harsh; ensure your pet is adequately hydrated and protected from extreme temperatures. For their safety and the preservation of the site, it may be best to leave your pets at home.

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For anyone visiting Death Valley National Park, the Beveridge Ghost Town is an unforgettable destination that deserves a place on your itinerary. Exploring the town, hiking the trails, and seeing the unique architecture and artifacts are an incredibly rich and rewarding experience. Whether you’re a history buff or an adventure seeker, the Beveridge Ghost Town is a must-visit destination that should not be missed.

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