Family-Friendly Adventures: Things to Do with Kids in Seattle

Engaging children in stimulating and fun activities is a way to keep them entertained and a vital part of their overall development. From fostering creativity and encouraging physical activity to promoting cognitive skills and cultural understanding, suitable activities can serve as a robust platform for learning and growth.

things to do with kids in seattle

In a city as vibrant as Seattle, parents and guardians have no shortage of opportunities to keep the young ones entertained while imbuing them with valuable experiences. There are a lot of things to do in Seattle with kids. Here is a list of the best ones.

Woodland Park Zoo

One of Seattle’s most cherished family destinations is the Woodland Park Zoo. This vibrant and wonderfully maintained zoo brings an exciting assortment of wildlife right to the heart of the city. Children will be thrilled to observe and learn about various creatures, from the charming Humboldt penguins and majestic African lions to the docile Western lowland gorillas and the elusive snow leopards.

The Zoo’s innovative exhibits, such as the immersive ‘Tropical Rain Forest’ and the thrilling ‘Northern Trail,’ are designed to entertain and educate kids about various ecosystems. The Zoo’s unique interactive programs, like the ‘Zoomazium,’ an indoor nature play space, and the ‘Family Farm,’ where kids can meet domestic animals, provide hands-on, sensory experiences that make learning fun and impactful.

Pacific Science Center

A testament to interactive learning and scientific discovery, Seattle’s Pacific Science Center is another must-visit destination for families. With many exhibits and activities designed to engage children of all ages, this dynamic institution blends education with fun to inspire a lifelong love of learning and curiosity in the natural world.

Kids can immerse themselves in various captivating exhibits, each meticulously designed to spark their interest in different scientific fields. The ‘Tide Pool’ allows kids to touch live sea stars, while the ‘Body Works exhibit gives them an inside look into human physiology. 

The ‘Insect Village’ is teeming with fascinating critters, and the ‘Dinosaurs: A Journey Through Time’ exhibit transports them back to the age of the dinosaurs. Hands-on activities are plentiful at the Pacific Science Center. Encourage your child’s exploration and learning by allowing them to discover, play, and grow in this incredible institution.

Seattle Children’s Museum

There is no better place to ignite your child’s imagination and sense of discovery than at the Seattle Children’s Museum. It is a paradisiacal playground that perfectly intertwines education with fun, fostering an environment where children can learn through play.

The Museum boasts 18,000 square feet of interactive exhibits encouraging curiosity and creativity. Whether your child is an aspiring artist, a budding scientist, or just loves to play, there is something here for everyone. 

kid friendly things to do in seattle

The ‘Imagination Studio’ lets kids express their creativity through arts and crafts, while the ‘Global Village’ offers a journey through different cultures worldwide. For those fascinated by nature, the ‘Mountain Forest’ exhibit allows kids to explore and learn about the local ecosystem.

Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium is a marine haven in the city’s heart, offering an exciting opportunity for children to dive into the fascinating world of underwater life. With its wide range of exhibits showcasing an impressive diversity of marine creatures, the Aquarium is an ideal destination for families seeking a day of ocean exploration and learning.

Kids will be thrilled to observe the vibrant sea life, from playful sea otters and colorful tropical fish to the mesmerizing jellyfish and impressive giant Pacific octopus. One of the standout exhibits, the ‘Underwater Dome,’ offers a 360-degree view into a massive 400,000-gallon tank, immersing visitors in the rich life of Puget Sound.

Immerse your family in a day of ocean exploration at the Seattle Aquarium. It’s more than just a visit; it’s an opportunity for your children to foster a deep appreciation for our oceans and the diverse life they harbor.

Green Lake Park

If you’re looking for a perfect blend of nature and family-friendly amenities in Seattle, Green Lake Park is to be noticed. Nestled around the serene Green Lake, this popular urban park is an oasis for families to relax, play, and create memories.

Things to Do with Kids Seattle

The park boasts an array of playgrounds where kids can unleash their energy on swings, slides, and climbing structures. The expansive picnic areas are ideal for family gatherings or a quiet lunch amidst nature, offering scenic views of the lake and a peaceful atmosphere.

For those who enjoy active fun, Green Lake Park features well-maintained bike paths that weave around the lake. These paths are perfect for a family bike ride, a stroll, or even rollerblading adventures, catering to all ages and fitness levels.

Ride the Seattle Great Wheel

The Seattle Great Wheel is a must-do for families seeking a thrilling yet gentle adventure. Perched on the scenic waterfront of the Emerald City, this iconic Ferris wheel offers a kid-friendly journey into the skies. Rising 175 feet above the water, it’s one of the most giant Ferris wheels in the U.S., offering an unmatched perspective of the city.

The ride is a gradual ascent towards the sky, ensuring a calm and enjoyable experience even for the little ones. Enclosed, climate-controlled gondolas provide a safe and comfortable environment, allowing children to focus on the breathtaking sights. From the panoramic views of the city’s skyline to the distant Olympic Mountains and the tranquil waters of Elliott Bay, this is a visual treat like no other.

Visit the Museum of Flight

Dedicated to the fascinating world of aerospace, the Museum of Flight stands as an awe-inspiring treasure trove of aviation history. Offering a unique blend of education and entertainment, it’s a must-visit destination for young aviation enthusiasts and families.

Boasting an impressive array of exhibits, the Museum of Flight allows children to delve into various facets of aviation, from the early era of flight to space travel. One of the key highlights is the interactive aviation displays, where kids can explore aircraft from different periods, including a replica of the Wright Brothers’ flyer and a genuine lunar module from NASA.

If your child dreams of soaring through the skies or venturing into space, this museum is the perfect playground for their imagination. 

Explore the Kubota Garden

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Kubota Garden, a hidden gem nestled within the bustling city of Seattle. This stunning 20-acre landscape blends Japanese garden concepts with native Northwest plants, offering a serene escape for families seeking a peaceful day outdoors.

things to do in seattle kid friendly

The garden is a testament to the vision of Fujitaro Kubota, a horticultural pioneer who believed that world peace could be achieved through mutual cultural appreciation. 

Today, the garden symbolizes his dream, welcoming visitors to meander along the picturesque walking paths that crisscross through the lush, harmonious landscape. Perfectly tailored for family-friendly exploration, the garden allows children to connect with nature. 

Play at Seattle Center’s Artists at Play

Experience the magic of art and play combined at Artists at Play, a genuinely unique playground in the heart of Seattle Center. This extraordinary play space is a collaboration of local artists and designers, where creativity has been allowed to run wild to foster an environment that encourages children to imagine, explore, and create.

Artists at Play features an array of play structures as artistic as fun. One of the main attractions is a towering 35-foot slide structure designed with intricate motifs that ignite the imagination even as it thrills with its height. 

Labyrinths of rope and winding wooden structures invite children to climb, swing, and navigate, stimulating their problem-solving skills and physical coordination. But the playground isn’t just about physically engaging activities – it’s a place that sparks creativity. 

Discover the Central Branch of the Seattle Public Library

A trip to Seattle is complete with a visit to the architectural marvel of the Central Branch of the Seattle Public Library. This distinctive glass-and-steel structure, located in the heart of downtown, is a beacon of knowledge and a playground for young minds.

Designed by renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, the Central Branch is more than just a library; it’s a public space filled with light, color, and energy. The library’s 10-story “Books Spiral” is home to a vast collection of literature, but the children’s section truly stands out for families.

The Kids Area is a vibrant and welcoming space filled with many children’s books, from classic tales to contemporary favorites. The interactive displays throughout the section are designed to ignite curiosity, engage young minds, and make learning fun. Various touchscreen games and puzzles offer children an interactive and engaging way to learn and discover new concepts.

Conclusion: Things to Do with Kids in Seattle

Seattle, a vibrant city with culture and creativity, offers many family-friendly activities to engage young minds and create lasting memories from the tranquil, lush landscapes of the Kubota Garden, where children can connect with nature and learn about different plant species, to the Artists at Play playground at Seattle Center that sparks creativity and encourages physical play. 

They are remembering the architectural marvel, the Central Branch of the Seattle Public Library, which houses a vast collection of children’s books and interactive learning activities. These are just some enriching experiences await you and your children in Seattle.

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